• Hoverboards are illegal on French Streets – Authorities Say

    The hoverboards have become one of the biggest technologies over the last few years but authorities in France say that they are illegal to use in public. The technology is made up of a small platform with a wheel on each side similar to a segway, in fact they are often called segway hoverboards or self balancing scooters. The law in France says that the hoverboards can only be used on private property and not out on public streets or roads.

    According to the law they are self propelled vehicles so they are banned from being used on the pavement and they are also banned from the roads. Well, technically they are not banned from the roads but you need a driving license and insurance to ride one on the road. Despite this they are an insurance risk for business owners so naturally they are not allowed to be used in places like super markets or car parks where the owner could be at risk of being sued. This does not leave many options for the hoverboards to be used on but in or around your own home is perfectly fine and legal.

    The segway hoverboards or hoverboard have exploded in popularity in the last few years with famous footballers and other celebrities showing off on them on their social media accounts. This has caused a huge interest in them and they are now one of the most popular gifts on the market despite being plagued with issues at the start of their existence.

    In Ireland there is a law being pushed through to allow self propelled electric vehicles on the roads. This would include the hoverboards big brother the electric scooter which is more of a mode of transport than a toy. At the moment to use a hoverboard in Ireland you can only use it on private property the same as in France and most other European countries.





  • Discover Paris on an Electric Scooter

    Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world to visit. It has great food, great wine, fantastic architecture and of course it has the Eiffel Tower. It is only a 1 hour flight from Dublin so it is perfect for a weekend away. Flights can be gotten for cheap on the Ryanair website but the city itself can be quite expensive. As one of the biggest cities in the world that is to be expected but you can do your best to keep the cost down by doing various things.

    The first thing you can do is get a private room in a hostel instead of a hotel. This should save you about €50 per night depending on the hostel. You would be surprised at the quality of some hostels here especially if you have not stayed in a hostel in a while. The next thing you can do is keeping out a minimum. Again the advantage of staying in a hostel is that you can cook in the kitchen there. Go to the supermarket and buy food for cheap, cook it and then head out after to enjoy the city. Food can be expensive on a trip to a city like this so this alone should cut your costs quite a bit.

    The next thing you can do is check out Paris’s new electric scooter rental. This will save money on getting taxis or Ubers. Ryanair now let you take your own electric scooter with you on the plane so if you have one you could always do that. If don’t have one then they can be gotten pretty cheap from here: https://www.it-directory.ie/collections/electric-scooters-ireland. You don’t have to spend any money on fuel and it is a great way to see a city. We would recommend this over getting a tour bus as it is more fun and you get to see parts of the city you never would have before. So if you are looking for a quick trip away check this out and do it on the cheap.

  • Can Toulouse Stop Leinster This Year In the Heineken Cup?

    The Heineken cup is back with a bang this year and what a first week it has been for the Irish rugby sides (not so good for the French). Leinster hosted Wasps who are ranked 3rd in the Premiership and impressively put 50 points on them. Munster drew away with Exeter who are topping the premiership league this year at the moment. Ulster put a good beating on Leicester who are in decline but still have many interenationals and then Connacht beat Bordeaux in the challenge cup so it was 4 wins from 4 games for the Irish provinces.

    Leinster are the talk of the town this year and rightly so. They hammered Wasps with ease at the weekend but they do have Toulouse in their pool who are not as strong as they used to be but Toulouse in France will be very very tough. Toulon who are one of the best teams in Europe didn’t make it into the competition which puts a bit of a black mark on this years competition. The same can be said for Clermont. Clermont, Toulouse, Leinster and Saracens are realistically the best four teams in Europe so with two of them out it isn’t great for the competition.

    This weekend Leinster travel to Toulouse to play in the French sunshine. It is still quite warm down in France at the moment and it is set to be 24 degrees on Saturday for the game. There is a big contingent going from Leinster this year both to catch a great rugby game and to bask in the sunshine. We will be there and picked up a new action camera from www.dashcameras.ie who support Leinster rugby so a bit shout out and thanks to them. They sell a range of cameras including dash cameras and action cameras and they have even given each of the Leinster players their own camera so they can vlog their trip! Allez Les Bleus!

  • What to know before buying a TV box

    The TV box has become a staple of many peoples home entertainment system these days in France and they have really began to shook up the market. Several years ago this was not a possibility as the technology was still not advanced enough but with the explosion in popularity of TV on demand then it was inevitable that a device was needed on which to play these popular apps. At first it was the chromecast which many people used to cast the app on their phone to the TV but this was not ideal. Eventually the TV box came along and was able to solve this problem. Now almost every household has a TV box as more and more people move away from traditional satellite TV to TV on demand services. Even large companies like Sky are hoping on this trend with their popular Skygo app.

    There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to getting a TV box however the difference is not exactly what it seems. The first thing to look at is the operating system. Most boxes will run a version of android and the latest version as we write this post is android 7.1. You should always go with a box that has the latest version of its operating system so it will not become obsolete in the near future as some apps will only work on newer versions of certain operating systems.

    After this the next thing to look at is the hardware. Does it have sufficient hardware to do the task required? Any TV box being looked at should have 2GB of RAM and upwards. After all even your iPhone has 1GB of RAM so a lot of power is needed to run these apps. The newest trend in the world of TV boxes is 4K so this is another thing to look at. Is the box 4K compatible? Soon all TVs will be 4K compatible so having a box that can also play this is a must. According to the Irish website www.androidtvboxes.ie/ all new TV boxes now are 4K so this is another thing checked off of the list. Then it just comes down to a matter of budget! Most of the boxes are around €100 that are worth getting so don’t go too cheap.


  • Where to get the best priced iPhone’s for sale?


    Refurbished phones have become a big hit among the consumers in recent times and thus a
    lot of manufacturers these days put the refurbished versions of their models on sale. If you are
    strapped financially and still want to buy your favorite model of iPhone then you have the
    option of opting for refurbished iPhone available through various channels. It is important that
    you do some basic research before deciding to go for the refurbished iPhone. The cheap cost of
    the refurbished phone may not necessarily mean it’s good deal and vice-versa.

    A refurbished phone is basically a phone that has been re-worked, repaired and or maintained
    by the company for resale purposes. The faulty components and parts are replaced with newer
    components The IOS software might be upgraded if there bugs and errors in the older version. The
    refurbished phone is essentially made almost as good as new and it comes at a cheaper price.
    However it is still a used phone and might consist of a battery that has already been used
    earlier thus decreasing its potential future life. So both these factors must be weighed before
    deciding on purchasing the refurbished iPhone.

    There are various factors that you must understand and analyze before the purchase. You need
    to look at the battery and check whether there’s any damage caused by water. You must also
    look at screen to see whether there’s any form of violation there. You must also find out the
    memory, storage, software and other features to ensure that they are of desired standards.
    You must always look to purchase refurbished iPhones from official store or from the Apple
    approved sellers like https://www.phonesforsale.ie to ensure premium quality. If you are purchasing from third party merchants
    then you must read reviews and check out feedback from consumers before buying the phone.

  • Why Many French Are Going to Australia

    There are many French and Irish expats living abroad and one of the most popular places for these people to visit is Australia. People go to Australia for the great lifestyle, weather and the general outdoors life. Although the south of France may be similar for a few months of the year places like Brisbane and Sydney are warm for 9 months of the year so it is hard to compete with that and it is one of the main reasons people come from all around the globe to both holiday and visit.

    French people are entitled to get a 1 year working visa in Australia if they are under the age of 30. To get a second year visa you must do regional work for a 3 month period in a designated postal code of Australia. These are usually quite rural areas or small regional towns and the government use it as a way to get work done where people would usually not want to go. Another way to stay in Australia long term is to of course get sponsored by a company which will give you up to 4 years on their visa and then you can also be eligible for permanent residency.

    For many French people 1 year is enough and many head home after this period for various reasons. Australia can be quite expensive and this is a major reason many cannot afford to stay on for more than 1 year. Others just miss home and would like to head back to France. If you are homesick and in Australia we have noticed that androidtvboxes.com.au are selling a French android TV box which means you can get French TV. This may help some with the homesickness!