• Top 3 Things To Do in Biarritz

    Biarritz is one of the top destinations in the south of France and it is easy to see why it is such a big hit with people from Ireland traveling there every summer. The city has many great restaurants of which several have the famous Michelin star so fine dining is a way of life in this part of France but that is not for everyone of course. There are plenty of more affordable options in places like the Les Halles central market place. Don’t worry there is plenty of options to work off that great food you will be eating in the evenings and one of the most popular things to do in this part of France is check out the great surf. Peak surf times are from September on wards but the summer can also provide some great waves as well as being able to bask in the sun, just remember to wear plenty of sunscreen!

    There is surf for all levels of experience and there are plenty of beginner lessons for those of you who would like to get tip their toes into the surfing world..pardon the pun! There is beach breaks and also peak breaks for those of you who are more experienced. If you are not one for the sea then there are plenty of golf courses around but we would suggest to book ahead as most golf courses have iPhone apps now that allow you to make a booking online. If you don’t have an iPhone we recommend https://www.phoneit.ie/ for a refurbished iPhone as it is more affordable than a brand new one but works just the same.

    We would recommend a short stay in Biarritz as it is quite a small city and although there is plenty to do we think a week long stay is plenty here. As it is in the south of France however you can always make the trip down over the border to Spain if you get bored so there are plenty of things to do!


  • Win a Trip To France and Wireless Headphones This Winter

    Although the weather is still great in Europe with it being early August we are sad to say that officially summer is over and we are now into Autumn. Already you can notice the days are getting shorter and shorter and boy did this summer fly be. However, it has been one of the hottest summers on record in Europe and especially in northern Europe including parts of Normandy and even into the UK and Ireland. The weather continues to be very warm so we are not to wish away the summer yet and be all doom and gloom about winter but it will not be long until the colder weather returns especially here in Ireland so to try and cheer up our readers we are having a competition where you can win a trip to Biarritz which traditionally has the best weather in France.

    Not only that but we are also giving away a pair of wireless headphones as second place. For those of you who are not familiar wireless headphones run on bluetooth technology which will connect to your phone without the need for any wires. It is just a matter of charging the bluetooth headphones and syncing them with your phone and you are ready to go. In this case we are giving away a pair of wireless Bluedio T4 headphones from https://www.bluetoothireland.ie/. You can check out their website for bluetooth headphones, earphones and other related products.

    We feel that a trip like this could really brighten up what can be a long and dark winter here in Ireland. Last winter was the longest and coldest in many years and we truly deserved the great summer we got after enduring such a brutally cold winter. Anyway let’s not wish away the rest of the good weather yet and try to stay positive. In the south of France winters are quite short compared to a lot of countries and it is only a short hop away to escape the cold dark days.

  • Should you get a LED or UV Nail Lamp?

    Posted on by Amba

    Nowadays every nail paint manufacturers design nail paints which hardens when expose to either UV or LED UV light. LED lamps are more popular and trending these days due to their speed of curing and reliability. LED technology from https://www.nailbooth.co.uk/ has been using narrow UV wavelengths which target the specific photo initiators in the gel polish while UV lamps emit broad UV wavelength which take longer to cure.

    LED lamps are more popular and considered more effective than UV lamps due to many reasons. First the curing time of LED lamps is less as compared to the UV lamps. It takes few minutes to cure a nail paint. Secondly, the bulbs used for LED lamps, they rarely need to be replaced and they usually work fpr 30,000-50,000 hours while UV bulbs need replacing which increases its cost. Lastly the electricity consumption of a LED lamps is less than that of UV lamps, and they cure more quickly with lower power input.

    As LED nail lamps have higher intensity so they can cure quickly, which sometimes leads to the over curing. It is important to make sure that proper curing is done by using a correct LED nail lamp which is designed for a particular LED nail coat, as there is no universal nail lamp which can cure all types of curable nail paints.

  • Why Many French Are Going to Australia

    There are many French and Irish expats living abroad and one of the most popular places for these people to visit is Australia. People go to Australia for the great lifestyle, weather and the general outdoors life. Although the south of France may be similar for a few months of the year places like Brisbane and Sydney are warm for 9 months of the year so it is hard to compete with that and it is one of the main reasons people come from all around the globe to both holiday and visit.

    French people are entitled to get a 1 year working visa in Australia if they are under the age of 30. To get a second year visa you must do regional work for a 3 month period in a designated postal code of Australia. These are usually quite rural areas or small regional towns and the government use it as a way to get work done where people would usually not want to go. Another way to stay in Australia long term is to of course get sponsored by a company which will give you up to 4 years on their visa and then you can also be eligible for permanent residency.

    For many French people 1 year is enough and many head home after this period for various reasons. Australia can be quite expensive and this is a major reason many cannot afford to stay on for more than 1 year. Others just miss home and would like to head back to France. If you are homesick and in Australia we have noticed that androidtvboxes.com.au are selling a French android TV box which means you can get French TV. This may help some with the homesickness!