• France still not on the greenlist!

    France like many others are still struggling with the corona virus numbers and it is expected to get worse with the coming winter. There is however light at the end of the tunnel in terms of being able to travel to different countries in the EU as the EU are bringing in a traffic light travel system. This will consist of green, orange and red countries. Green countries can be traveled to by anyone in the EU without the need to quarantine or a negative test. Orange countries will be required to have a negative test upon entry and red countries will still need to be quarantined for 14 days.

    Although this is still quite a complicated system it is much better than trying to figure out the laws for each country and brings some sort of united travel map for the EU which is one of the great things about the EU. Other countries like Australia and New Zealand seem to be closed until at least 2021 and who knows then if they will open or not.

    This Official EU Map Shows Where in Europe You Can Travel Right Now

    South east Asian countries are also closed but they will need to open sooner as a lot of their economies rely on tourism and international trade. A lot of products for example are made in Cambodia such as office chairs, gaming chairs for your home office and other material furniture’s. Economies like Bali who solely rely on tourism have been destroyed so even though the numbers are still quite high they will need the tourism money sooner rather than later. Other countries may choose to stay closed but ultimately it is the people and the small local businesses that will suffer.  At least within the EU countries can get tourism from within EU which is as good as you can get until other countries reopen their borders.


  • Electric Scooters Are Banned From Sidewalk in France

    The French government have announced that they plan to ban the new wave of adult electric scooters from being used on their sidewalks in France. According to a recent article on the Reuters website: “We cannot let these devices that move at 20 to 30 kilometers an hour jeopardize the security of pedestrians on the sidewalks,” Borne told parliament. This comes after thousands of people have already bought adult electric scooters as a means to commute to work.

    Electric Scooters have become hugely popular in France:

    In 2017 it is reported that a whopping 50,000 electric scooters were sold. 2018 numbers are not yet out but it will more than likely be double that number as they have become more popular as each month passes. Like many other EU countries France have been unsure in how to legislate such electric scooters leading to confusion on where they can be used. This has not stopped people buying them however nor really has it stopped them being used on the roads and in bike lanes where they are also not permitted.

    The French government fails to see how the electric scooter can help relieve congestion in its built up cities and instead shuts down the clearly popular technology. Electric scooters have many benefits and taking cars off of the road which has been a government priority in recent years is one of them so it is quite surprising that they have not embraced the electric scooters as a means to achieve their goals of this and cutting emissions. If a small part of the population choose these as a mode of transportation rather than a car then emissions will be hugely cut down.

    Perhaps in later 2019 this will be reviewed as we believe it will have to be due to the popularity of such electric scooters and the many benefits of them. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Would you use an electric scooter to get to work?