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  • Visit France For Your Golf Trip This Summer

    After the latest bad weather which was known as the beast from the east that hit the UK and Ireland it is said to stay particularly cold until the end of March but it is also the time of year many people book their summer holidays. This year a lot of people will want to catch some sun after what was the coldest winter in over 30 years. The beast from the east had effectively closed down the UK and Ireland for several days with snow reported to be 4 feet high in some places meaning that people were trapped in their homes. France got off a bit better than the rest of Europe and will prove to be a popular holiday destination as always with the Irish.

    Irish Ferries run an over night ferry service to France on which you can also transport your car and this is a popular choice with many Irish holiday goers as it means you have your own transport and can drive down through France which is beautiful. Golf is a popular sport in Ireland and many people base their holidays around the lovely golf resorts in the south of France where you will get great weather, great golf courses and you will also be close to some beautiful beaches around the Biarritz area.

    Many golfers will do a week in the south of France which can be quite affordable when compared to other holiday options in other parts of Europe and most definitely cheaper than taking a trip to the USA as well as having to put up with long flights and jet lag. Some of the courses can be quite challenging but there is various options depending on your golf skills. dekoproducts.co.uk sell a range of golf range finders which can be useful for some of the longer par 5 courses.

  • Why Many French Are Going to Australia

    There are many French and Irish expats living abroad and one of the most popular places for these people to visit is Australia. People go to Australia for the great lifestyle, weather and the general outdoors life. Although the south of France may be similar for a few months of the year places like Brisbane and Sydney are warm for 9 months of the year so it is hard to compete with that and it is one of the main reasons people come from all around the globe to both holiday and visit.

    French people are entitled to get a 1 year working visa in Australia if they are under the age of 30. To get a second year visa you must do regional work for a 3 month period in a designated postal code of Australia. These are usually quite rural areas or small regional towns and the government use it as a way to get work done where people would usually not want to go. Another way to stay in Australia long term is to of course get sponsored by a company which will give you up to 4 years on their visa and then you can also be eligible for permanent residency.

    For many French people 1 year is enough and many head home after this period for various reasons. Australia can be quite expensive and this is a major reason many cannot afford to stay on for more than 1 year. Others just miss home and would like to head back to France. If you are homesick and in Australia we have noticed that androidtvboxes.com.au are selling a French android TV box which means you can get French TV. This may help some with the homesickness!