Discover Paris on an Electric Scooter

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world to visit. It has great food, great wine, fantastic architecture and of course it has the Eiffel Tower. It is only a 1 hour flight from Dublin so it is perfect for a weekend away. Flights can be gotten for cheap on the Ryanair website but the city itself can be quite expensive. As one of the biggest cities in the world that is to be expected but you can do your best to keep the cost down by doing various things.

The first thing you can do is get a private room in a hostel instead of a hotel. This should save you about €50 per night depending on the hostel. You would be surprised at the quality of some hostels here especially if you have not stayed in a hostel in a while. The next thing you can do is keeping out a minimum. Again the advantage of staying in a hostel is that you can cook in the kitchen there. Go to the supermarket and buy food for cheap, cook it and then head out after to enjoy the city. Food can be expensive on a trip to a city like this so this alone should cut your costs quite a bit.

The next thing you can do is check out Paris’s new electric scooter rental. This will save money on getting taxis or Ubers. Ryanair now let you take your own electric scooter with you on the plane so if you have one you could always do that. If don’t have one then they can be gotten pretty cheap from here: You don’t have to spend any money on fuel and it is a great way to see a city. We would recommend this over getting a tour bus as it is more fun and you get to see parts of the city you never would have before. So if you are looking for a quick trip away check this out and do it on the cheap.

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