What is the best 4K Action Camera On A Budget?

If you are planning to visit France this year or anywhere else for that matter it is always important to keep a record of the good times be it on video or pictures. Documenting your holiday has become a huge industry in recent times especially with the emergence of Instagram and other social media outlets that have created a narcissistic culture. There is of course nothing wrong with wanting to take pictures of your holiday which for many people is an annual event and that is why many people are purchasing action cameras to document their holidays. Action cameras are a great and affordable way to record your trip and they are also very popular among extreme sports enthusiasts be it surfing, snow boarding, mountain biking or any other sport for that matter.

There are now many action cameras available to buy and there is a huge difference in price between all these cameras but you don’t need to break the bank to get a reasonably good action camera. Of course some people will want the best of the best and if you are big into video and editing then that is understandable but most people would just like a decent good action camera. Yi have released their range of action cameras that start out at under £100 which is very good considering what you are getting. You are getting a top of the range action camera with a Sony chip and a 16MP camera that is fully high definition.

So if you are looking to get a cheap camera without breaking the bank it is possible. There are also other alternatives such as the GoPro but then you are really paying an arm and leg for what is essentially only a slightly better camera.

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