What to know before buying a TV box

The TV box has become a staple of many peoples home entertainment system these days in France and they have really began to shook up the market. Several years ago this was not a possibility as the technology was still not advanced enough but with the explosion in popularity of TV on demand then it was inevitable that a device was needed on which to play these popular apps. At first it was the chromecast which many people used to cast the app on their phone to the TV but this was not ideal. Eventually the TV box came along and was able to solve this problem. Now almost every household has a TV box as more and more people move away from traditional satellite TV to TV on demand services. Even large companies like Sky are hoping on this trend with their popular Skygo app.

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to getting a TV box however the difference is not exactly what it seems. The first thing to look at is the operating system. Most boxes will run a version of android and the latest version as we write this post is android 7.1. You should always go with a box that has the latest version of its operating system so it will not become obsolete in the near future as some apps will only work on newer versions of certain operating systems.

After this the next thing to look at is the hardware. Does it have sufficient hardware to do the task required? Any TV box being looked at should have 2GB of RAM and upwards. After all even your iPhone has 1GB of RAM so a lot of power is needed to run these apps. The newest trend in the world of TV boxes is 4K so this is another thing to look at. Is the box 4K compatible? Soon all TVs will be 4K compatible so having a box that can also play this is a must. According to the Irish website www.androidtvboxes.ie/ all new TV boxes now are 4K so this is another thing checked off of the list. Then it just comes down to a matter of budget! Most of the boxes are around €100 that are worth getting so don’t go too cheap.


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